Productive Fall Morning Routine + A Few Tips on How to be Productive

Hello everyone, so I haven’t written a morning routine in a good long time. Probably since last December, Morning Routine, and a lot has changed. Since last December I have completely changed up how I do my mornings and how I stay on top of everything that I do. There is also a video to go along with this in the chance that you like to see rather than read. So let’s get into this.

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7:45 am

  • My alarm goes off every day at 7:45 am. I won’t lie and say that I haven’t been known to hit snooze but I typically do get up. I’ve actually been trying to get up earlier lately, eventually, I want to get up at 7:30 am, not quite there yet but eventually, I will.
  • The first thing I do once I get up is I make myself a cup of coffee. This is honestly one of the first things I think of when I get up. A nice hot cup of coffee is amazing to have first thing in the morning. Although lately, my Keurig has decided it doesn’t what to work and I’ve been having to go to Starbucks and get coffee but that’s a different story.
  • Take a few minutes and reflex on what you want your day to be like. Make it a point to spend a few minutes thinking about what you want out of the day, what things you need to that day and also what you want to accomplish that day. I like to sip my coffee for a few moments and then open up a journal and write out what I’m going to need to do this day. This usually includes things like sending out promo tweets, sending out a Facebook post and even picking up my apartment. I like to do this because it helps to make it easier for me to get things done in a timely fashion.
  • This is also when I follow my 30 minute rule and I do not get on my phone. If you haven’t read that post basically for the first 30 minutes of the day I do not get on my phone. Check out more in the link right above.

8:15 am

  • Usually, around this time I will get on my computer and start looking to see how either my blog post is doing or how my video is doing. Typically I do these things first thing because they all go up around 8 am, so I like to see how it’s doing.
  • This is also when I start to check out my social media, I reply to any DM’s that I have, and tweets or comments, this is the time when I make it a point to respond to all of those.
  • I like to spend the first 30 minutes of my day checking on what I may have missed and caught up with everything. This is just a way to make sure that I stay on top of everything and I’m not getting behind. I also make sure that I time myself by setting a timer for about 30 minutes just so I’m not spending too much time but just enough.

8:45 am

  • Around this time most of the Facebook groups that I participate in have posted there new promo threads and I so I will take the time to go through them. I also like to write down exactly which ones I’m leaving links and what the requirements are to do my part with these ones. Check out these two post I have over 6 Facebook Groups to Help Grow Your Blog & Social Medias and 4 Facebook Group Etiquette Rules.
  • I will also now start watching some youtube videos, this past month I have been really getting into watching a lot of YouTubers and I will actually have list of them coming soon. I will sometimes watch TV, Good Morning Texas or the news or something that I’ve had recorded but 9/10 times I have youtube videos watching.

9 am

  • By 9 am I am having my second cup of coffee and usually making my breakfast. I don’t know about the rest of y’all but I can’t really eat breakfast when I first get up. For me, breakfast is something I have to do after I’ve woken up and been awake for a while.
  • At this point, I’m usually still doing facebook group things or checking over video ideas. I usually spend the next 30 minutes really just crossing my t’s and doting my i’s to make sure that I am making the most of my morning.

9:30 am

  • So this is my last 30 minutes where I can spend on my computer getting social media and blog stuff done. So I like to make sure I take a moment at 9:30 and make sure that I’ve accomplished everything on my to-do list. I personally like to make sure that I’ve done this because then I don’t get to 10 am and realize I’ve haven’t done anything,

10 am

  • At this point I am putting up my computer, getting myself off the sofa and trying to pick up as quickly as possible. I am now in the last hour before I need to leave for work so I’m pretty much putting my butt in gear and getting shit done. I like to make sure that I’ve done the dishes in the sink, started the dishwasher if needed, folding the blanket I was curled up with, putting up my million and one journals and just anything else that I want to get done before I start getting ready for work.
  • After I’ve picked up I either jump in the shower (if I didn’t shower the night before) or doing my hair. Some days (most days) I usually just go with some form of a bun because my hair does have to be up. I also don’t wear a ton of makeup to work because I’m usually doing so much that most of it gets whipped off or sweated off. I also get my clothes ironed and then by this point I’m usually walking out the door.

11 am

  • I’m walking out the door and heading off to work!

Hope y’all enjoyed my morning routine!

My favorite time of day is the very beginning when I’m just sipping my coffee and just enjoying myself.

What is your favorite part of your morning? (That wasn’t a tongue twister)

Love, Megan Anne

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5 thoughts on “Productive Fall Morning Routine + A Few Tips on How to be Productive”

  1. I’m one of those people who wakes up in stages. I am often up at 5-6 am, just naturally. If not, my alarm goes off at 7 so I can be sure the kids are getting ready for school. But I’m like you when it comes to coffee and getting breakfast. It takes a while before I’m ready to eat. And I take my time getting into my social networking or writing for the day.

  2. I’m a mom of two so my routine in the mornings is always the same lol, they’re up by 7-730 and then we take it from there. Loved this post!

  3. I love your 30 minute rule. I gotta try that! Also using a timer so you don’t get sucked into spending too much time on the PC. Those are the two things I’m definitely going to try. Like you, those first few minutes whilst you’re sipping your coffee and pondering how you want the day to go are my favourite parts of the morning.

  4. I love getting up 1 hour earlier than my son just so I can get that time by myself, and meditate and being in that moment. Because I know that it’s going to be hectic when he gets up.

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