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Fall Favorites Tag

I was tagged by Vegas Girl to do the Fall Favorite Tag & honestly I’ve always loved tags, even when I used to do them on Myspace, I was the queen of that! Can we bring that? I guess that’s what Tumblr is for now anyways. This is going to be this week’s #MondayTalks, this way y’all get to know a little more about me! So, let’s get on with this favorites tag and thanks again!

Favorite Candle – My all time the favorite candle is from bath and body works, it’s called Flannel! It smells so manly, and when you are single and don’t want to deal with guys, it’s best to have these candles (tip from my mom)!

Favorite Lip Color – I don’t actually wear lip color, but if I had to pick I love the maroon colors!

Favorite Drink – During this time of year (well if it ever actually gets chilly outside) I love to drink hot chocolate! Me, a glass of hot chocolate & too many marshmallows. I’m set!

Favorite Piece of Clothing/Footwear – I have a few items but my favorite is my black cardigan. It’s perfect for those mornings that are too chilly but still chilly enough to need to cover up. It’s perfect for wearing around the house, and even if you just want something to cover your arms.

Favorite TV Show – Supernatural is really the only TV show that I’m watching this fall!

Favorite Eye Make Up – Not on my personally (because I’m basic with makeup) but I love the basic eyeliner and mascara combo for the fall.

Favorite Halloween Costume – I have a few that I love, but my favorites are always the different year costumes. So like, the 50’s or 60’s.

Favorite Nail polish – My favorite nail polishes are the darker purples and darker reds.

Favorite Accessories – My favorite fall accessories is actually my new purse that I have! It’s the perfect color and style to fall and it just makes every outfit more fall-y.

Favorite Moments – My favorite memories of fall are all the Sunday’s that I’ve spent watching football with my family. I can remember back so far to the Sunday’s that were spent eating queso and chips and watching the Cowboys play, it was always the best.


So, let’s play the tagging game now, so I tag these awesome chicks (who love fall, I’m sure, as much as everyone else):

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&& Also anyone who wants to do this! :))

If you do this tag, go ahead and send me a link on my twitter or leave it the comments below! I’d love to read it! :))


Love, Megan Anne
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