What’s Amazing About Fall?

So, after this summer, between days of rain, and our crazy hot temp’s, I’m ready for a nice fall. Who else? How could you not love fall, summer can be great fun, but fall is just so lovely. It’s just lovely. “Megan, what is so great about fall? Especially since you live in Texas, and it’s still going to be hotter then hell, how can you really know what fall it?” Well, sweetie, let me tell you something. Yes, it may still be hotter then hell 90% of the time, and we may only have one actual day of fall weather this year, but I still love fall. It’s just a different fall for us in the south. So, let me tell y’all what I am so excited about for fall:

  1. Cooler weather. Okay, yeah, we may only have one day, but it’s better then 100+
  2. Jeans and sweaters. I don’t like scarves, I get hot to easily, but I love wearing jeans, and sweaters, it’s my thing.
  3. Pumpkins, now I’m not talking about foods (or drinks) but I love how pumpkins look. Yes, I’m weird.
  4. Leaves everywhere. I don’t like walking threw them (because bugs like to hide and no thanks), but I enjoy looking at them.
  5. Halloween, I love Halloween. Even though I’m not into getting dressed up and going out but I love the holiday, the scary movies, the stories, it’s all good fun!
  6. Warm and cozy decor, finally I can decorate my apartment in cozy decor and it’s not weird!
  7. Being able to travel places, and it not being over crowed. The best time to travel is during fall, because literally all the kids are in school.
  8. Dallas Arboretum. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a flower garden in Dallas, Texas. It get the full fall decor and it’s just so beautiful and I cannot wait to go!
  9. Football, literally how did I not write this yet. The south is know for being big in football, but Texan’s, we are avid football watchers. And we usually all cheer for our boys, the Dallas Cowboys, and we all hope that they can actually have a good season, and when they don’t, we still cheer! GO COWBOYS!
  10. Fall candles from Bath and Body Works (but literally anywhere is fine)! Need I say more? Nope.

So what are y’all excited about for this fall? Any fun plans? Does it get very cold? You know, I’ve never been to a bonfire, contrary to popular belief. Anyways, comment down below and let me know!


Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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