Etsy Product Review

Hi! So about a month ago I purchased my first item through Etsy! Now before I start let me say, this was a media file, it wasn’t an actual item but it’s still an item and something to review and give y’all my true opinion!

So, I purchased an Instagram Frame for my niece’s sweet sixteen (sweet sixteen photoshoot photo’s here).



Here’s the link to the Etsy page with the product: Instagram Frame Fully Customized – DIGITAL FILE, Instagram Prop, Instagram Photo Booth Props by Visual Beach


This product ranges from $4.03 to $10.63 – which is completely reasonable & actually amazingly cheap when there are others that go for $20 – $50!

How to go about ordering:

The maker (I believe it’s a girl but I could be wrong) has everything perfectly described in her description, you simply shoot them an email on the website with the information that you want on your poster, and then they email back.

So, let’s get into the review:

I loved this product, but let’s start from the beginning. So when searching for this product, I came across a lot of more expensive ones, and when I saw this one I was very skeptical that it would be good because of how to look the price was compared to other’s I had just seen, but you won’t be sorry. They not only are very reasonable priced, BUT they also have so many different sizing options. So I place my order, and I shoot them a message saying all the details that I would like on the product. Now I assumed that I probably wouldn’t hear back from them for a few days because that’s usually what happens with companies, even small one. But no, literally in about 2 hours (maybe faster) I had a message from them saying that they received the message and were sending me a JPEG file to preview the item and make sure it was right! Now this was my first AMAZING clue that they were going to be helpful if something wasn’t wrong. Usually, with these type of thing you expect them to be more, “here you go” then “do you like it? is everything okay?” so I definitely got good vibes there. So the product was ordered, and within the same night, I had to actual digital file, and it was now mine to do with what I need to do.


This is where it got tricky. So, because this was going to be a prop and was going to be held, it needed to be mounted. And this is where things got very confusing and expensive. But this is by no mean’s their fault, but I defiantly need to tell y’all this part. So, I get the file and I realize “damn, this is big.” So after looking online and seeing that it’s probably going to cost $35 – $55 just to get it printed, and not mounted, or $75 – $109 to get it printed and mounted, I tell my mom and she says “let’s go talk to some of the printing places around here” and of course I said okay. So we go to Office Depot, and Fedex Office (which used to be Kinkos), and they both say “Sorry we don’t print that size”. I checked every online printing website that I knew was an incredible store: Stapes, Office Max, Office Depot, FedEx, etc. And none of them print that size. So finally, I give up and I go to the website (printing company) that the Etsy product provider suggested. Which was Poster Print Factory,com and I will say that I am very happy that I went with them (well I had no real choice), because not only did they offer coupon coder that you could use right at checkout, but also the print was incredibly high quaily!

I ended up paying a little under $30 for the print and shipping, and it carried just in time. We didn’t get it mounted because it was incredibly expensive. But that meant that we were going to have to buy foam board and mount it ourselves and that seemed incredibly intimidating. But, thanks to the help of two of my best friends, we got the project done with one foam board and maybe a piece of another one. They truly did all the work, not that I didn’t offer to help but they were handling so, I let them. I don’t remember how much those foam boards were exactly, but we got them at Hobby Lobby.

So all in all, I give the product 10/5 stars, and the process maybe a 6/5 stars.

I suggest you go and check it out! And maybe for your next party think about having a photo booth or even this just to take some fun photos!


Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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