Two Easy DIY’s for October

Who doesn’t love a good DIY? Well, sometimes they take to incredibly long. Like seriously, there are a hundred and one steps and not to mention all the craft supplies you have to buy just to be able to do the DIY! So, I picked up a few ideas, that will make for a simple DIY.

  1. Ghost Candles
    It’s pretty simple, all you’ll do is pick where you want to draw the face and get to drawing. It took me maybe, 10 minutes total to do this. If you mess up, just get some nail polish remover and it’ll come right off! For this simple DIY you will need a few things:

    • Pillar candles, I got mine from Family Dollar for $1.50 each
    • A black sharpie
  2. Jar of Leaves
    This is another very simple, and very inexpensive DIY. In this DIY all you will do is stack felt leaves into whatever jar your choice to use. Now I know for this DIY you could also get paper leaves and mod podge them, but really, who has time for that? Not me. So, this was easier. For this DIY you will need a few things:

    • A jar of your choice (I used this old Bath and Body Works Candle one because that’s the one I have)
    • A package of felt leaves

There you go, two simple and inexpensive DIY projects for the month of October! If you have any questions leave them down below and if you tried any of the please send me a picture of Instagram or Twitter! I’d love to see them!


Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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