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4 Dating App Rule You MUST Follow!

Once upon a time, people used to go to bars to meet new people or friends introduce you to new people but here’s the thing about people today, especially young people, we are so busy! So, that leads to things like dating app and let me tell y’all, I’m not afraid of dating app and I have actually used a ton of them. From Tinder to Bumble, to Plenty of Fish. While they are perceived as “hook-up” apps, you can actually meet decent people on these apps. But like everything else online, there are also bad people and people that are just sketchy.

Since I’ve been using dating apps for about 5 years now (yeah, don’t comment on that one please), I feel like I’ve had enough experiences to give y’all some advice.

  1. If they don’t have some form of social media connected, be weary. Now, this does not go for everyone, but because it’s hard to fake a profile if you have a social media connected, it is easy to see who may not be exactly what they say they are. Now there are cases where people may not have those social media profiles or they don’t want to connect them for whatever reason, but 3 our 5 times, that’s not the reason. I have come across only a few times when the people wasn’t who  I thought they were but it was pretty easy to figure that out. Just be cautious.
  2. Know what you want out of this, whether that is casual dating, friendship, hook-up, or a relationship. Before taking the step and getting on this app, figure this out. Personally, I’m not looking for a relationship, but more of casual dating. So usually I’m pretty upfront when it comes to guys because a lot them are just looking to hook up. But a lot of guys are pretty cool with the casual dating.
  3. Once you’ve gotten to the stage where you start texting, and you have their phone number, plug those bad boys into Google  & Facebook. Not creep, but to make sure it’s not just a burner number. This is one of the cautionary things that I do, that probably seems very over the top, but you just do not know. Plug them into Google and if they have that number on any social media profile it will pop up. This is a good way to make sure this person is an actual person. So this way you can see a little bit more about who they are, and you’ll feel more comfortable hanging out in person.
  4. Meet them during the day and in a very public place. Coffee is one of my favorite ways to meet someone from a dating app. It makes it less awkward and also there are no expectations because it’s just coffee! But okay, besides the place it is always really good to meet someone for the first in a place that is very busy, simply because there are too many people around for them to try and do something to you. It’s also a very safe way to make sure someone is who they say they are. Because to be simple, the person will not show up in this setting. Good places to meet someone: coffee shop, mall, restaurant, movies. Bad places to meet someone: park, apartment, night time, anything secluded.

There are a ton of different way to make sure that you stay safe whenever using these app but these are the four rules that you should always follow!

Please stay safe while using these apps and also remember that you should never met someone from online without letting someone else know where you are!

Love, Megan Anne

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1 thought on “4 Dating App Rule You MUST Follow!”

  1. These are great tips!! I do a lot of online dating (and I blog about it!) and I wouldn’t feel half as comfortable doing so if I didn’t do my research first, and meet publicly. I also always make sure I take my own car and meet them at the location. They never pick me up, especially not at my house, until we’ve been out a few times. Seems obvious, but super important!

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