Blogmas 2016

6 Different Ways To Wrap Christmas Gifts | BLOGMAS DAY 22

It’s getting down to the last few days before Christmas and unless you’ve seriously procrastinated, it is time to start wrapping all those gifts you got for your family!

Now, I’m not a great wrapper, I’m usually the gift bag and tissue kind of girl, but this year I really wanted to go all out, and wrap! But, I’ll be honest, I forgot to take any photos of the process, so instead I’m going to share with y’all some link to great wrapping!

  1. Learn How To Tie The Perfect Bow
  2. Santa Suit Gift Wrap
  3. How To Make A Gift Bow
  4. DIY Polka Dot Gift Paper
  5. DIY Mini Wreath Gift Tags
  6. DIY Pom Pom Topper (site is in a different language, but you can translate is if you have google chrome pretty easily

Check out these links, and give some of them a try!

What is your favorite way to wrap presents? Are you more of a gift bag person? Or do you go all out?

Hope y’all are ready for the next 3 days (OH MY GOODNESS) worth of fun/Christmas related post!

Love, Megan Anne
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