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10 Christmas Movies To Watch On Netflix | BLOGMAS DAY 20

Ho Ho Ho, so currently I am sipping hot chocolate, cuddling under my blanket to keep warm and watching a really sweet Charlie Brown Christmas.

Have y’all been looking for a Christmas movie to watch on Netflix but hate having to go and search for it? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are my top 10 Christmas movies on Netflix!

  1. Uncle Nick – “In this raunchy black comedy, beer-swilling Nick, the black sheep of his cookie-cutter family, ruins his in-law’s Christmas dinner by uncovering a scandalous family secret.” 
  2. Love Actually – “From the makers of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Notting Hill comes the ultimate romantic comedy about love’s delightful twists and turn.”
  3. Miracle on 34th Street – “Six-year-old Susan Walker has doubts about childhood’s most enduring miracle…Santa Claus; then Susan meets Kriss Kringle, a department store Santa who believes he’s the genuine article.”
  4. Saving Santa – “A lowly stable elf must travel back in time to save Santa’s Kingdom from the evil Neville Baddington” 
  5. Dear Santa – “Shopaholic Crystal’s wealthy parents give her an ultimatum: change her irresponsible ways by Christmas or they will cut her off without a cent. With no job or romantic prospects, what’s a party girl to do?” 
  6. Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas – ” Mickey and friends tell the importance of sharing & appreciation.” 
  7. Back To Christmas – “Trying to skip out on Christmas, Ali turns to work during the holidays. Upon meeting a kind stranger at a diner who encourages her to believe in the magic of the holidays, Ali admits that she would redo last Christmas if she could.” 
  8. Happy Christmas – “A hard-partying 20-something moves in with her brother’s family to get over a breakup, comically turning their everyday lives upside down.” 
  9. 12 Dates of Christmas – “Setup on a Christmas Eve date, a woman must relive the date over and over.” 
  10. The Legend Frosty The Snowman – “Frosty the snowman and friends try to teach the townsfolk of Evergreen to believe in magic; After Frosty comes to life due to a magic hat, he must elude the hat’s owner and get to a colder climate or melt; Frosty battles an invention that threatens to remove all snow, including him.” 

What are your favorite Christmas movies? I’d loved to know! Leave me a comment down below letting me know!

Hope y’all are ready for the next 5 days worth of fun/Christmas related post!

Love, Megan Anne
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