My Transition To Vegetarianism

A little over a month ago, I went completely vegetarian.

Okay, so let’s just take a moment and realize that I have made it a whole month without eating meat and I’m pretty proud of myself because of this. Prior to this, I had slowly started changing my diet. Six months I can honestly say I ate some sort of meat every single day. Over the course of six months, I went from eating meat every day to every other day, to going a couple days, etc. It was about a month and a half ago when I went six straight days without eating meat and then the next day I went out with a friend to a Red Robin (burger place) and I got a chicken wrap of sorts. It was the first time that I really just didn’t like the food. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the food itself, it was the chicken that I was eating. It was the feeling that I got when I eat this chicken that really made me realize something. I no longer want to eat meat.

Now let’s get a few things out of the way. I have never been a big red meat eater. Burgers, beef (only in tacos would I really eat it), ribs, etc. I did, however, enjoy things like chicken, bacon, ham, etc. Over the summer I started coming across a lot more YouTubers / bloggers that are vegan/vegetarian, and it really started to open my eyes. I live in Texas, which is very big on meat. It’s basically very hard to find vegetarian foods in most restaurants here because it’s such a big meat eating state. I don’t know the statistics, but I do know what I’ve been experiencing. But regardless of not being a big meat eater, I did consume meat on a regular basis for the past 22 years.

I have to say that when I first started eating completely vegetarian I didn’t really tell anyone, and I still don’t. The few people I have told have had one of these four reactions:

  1. “Okay, that’s cool.”
  2. “What do you even eat them?”
  3. “I couldn’t do it, how do you stay sane?”
  4. “Whatever, you’ll go back.”

And that’s why I don’t really tell people because let’s take a guess how many times I’ve been told: “you’ll go back”. Probably about 5 times to many. My vegetarian diet and my want to eat completely vegetarian isn’t a joke. But unfortunately, that is what a ton of people take it as, a joke. This is probably one the most annoying parts about telling people that I eat vegetarian or no meat. When I’ve gone to restaurants and requested a dish but to have the meat taken off I usually get the weirdest looks. One time I actually had a waiter ask me “why are you a vegetarian?” but in the snarkiest way possible. Of course, I said yes and he walked away to back. But all I could think was “am I supposed to tell everyone ‘oh by the way, I’m a vegetarian?’ like no, I shouldn’t have to explain why I want the meat removed from a dish.” But this could be a whole different post (and probably will be in the future).

When I was consuming meat I had felt so bloated and heavy after eating. Once I started going longer and longer stints of time without meat, I started to realize that the meat was what was causing that awful feeling. I honestly had never really placed the two and two together, because why would I? But after that, I could no longer ignore the fact that I felt so much better on my stints of non-meat.

Over the past month and a half (ish) I have learned quite a few things.

  1. Not everyone is going to be okay with you no longer eating meat and that is okay. I haven’t really lost friends, that would be dramatic, but I can defiantly say that people I used to hang out with occasionally will no longer even ask me to go out to eat with them. And so finally after the annoyance, I asked this personal what the heck was up and he said “I don’t know how to be okay with you eating no meat because I like to go places that specialize in different meat making. And I guess he was right because I honestly didn’t want want to even be around it at first.
  2. You taste better. Okay TMI (mom I’m sorry). But one factor of not eating meat is that you tend to eat a lot less processed food, so you are basically taking that grease away and replacing it was vegetables or fruits or grains. So, ladies, Worried about how you taste below the belt, eat a more vegetarian diet. Not that, that’s the only reason you should but you are what you eat? So yeah.
  3. Your cravings will change. Or they did for me. So prior to this change I used to crave fast food. Whataburger, Wendys, etc. I can’t even honestly think of anything anymore. I think this had to do with the fact that I transitioned really slowly and really stopped enjoying that food.

With all this said, I won’t say that I will forever be a vegetarian. I may one day go all the way and eat a vegan diet or I may go back to eating meat. This may be an experiment or it could be a life change. This could be a forever thing, but I honestly won’t know until I get there. I also what I make it clear that I don’t judge anyone who does eat meat. I did not go vegetarian for ethical reason, although it did help my transition.

This is such a misconception that people have with vegetarians or vegans, that we are not accepting of other who do not follow the same diet. If you choose to eat meat then that is your choice and that is not my place to input. If you ask me about my diet, I will tell you but I will not push it upon you.

I went vegetarian because I no longer felt okay eating meat. It was not processing in my body the same way it did before and I felt a strong will to make this change. The reason that I’m making this statement is because I coming up on my blog you will be seeing recipes and they will be mostly vegetarian and I have dabbled in vegan recipes too! So this will be happening soon!

Have you ever tried to do meatless Monday? Or cheeseless weekends? Okay, I made that up but still. If you’ve every experienced anything I talked about or you are just transitioning to this new diet? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from y’all!

Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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