Choosing The Right Hosting Site For Your WordPress Blog

Are you currently on the hunt for a good Hosting provider? Well, you’ve come to a good place to start the research! Having a good hosting provider is key to having a good blog/website! And in this case, with a WordPress blog! I cannot tell y’all how many time I was asked about what hosting provider I use, and what ones I recommended. Personally, I’ve only ever used one, but I have heard great things about the others.  So below are a list of some of the best hosting websites that I’ve found, and also that I’ve heard good things about.


*Quick note: some of these links are affiliated links and I do receive compensation if you follow through or buy anything. It is no cost to you.*

– $3.95 – $13.95/monthly
– Free Domain
– Free Site Builder
– 1-click WordPress install
– 24/7 support

2. JustHost
– $2.95 – $13.95/monthly
– Free Domain
– Free Site Builder
– 1-click WordPress install
– 24/7 support

3. Flywheel
– $15 – $75/monthly
– Free demo site
– Managed WordPress Updates
– No domain or emails


How do I choose?

  • Expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best
  • Every host is different with how much they offer, think about where you want your blog to go, how much space do you/will you need? And is it easy to upgrade?
  • Domain and emails? Is that an important thing to you?
  • What provider do you think would be best for yourself?

There are many others, so there may be a part two in the future!

If you’d like to see that please leave a comment down below and also let me know what y’all think of these hosting websites! Are they good? Do you like them? Did you have a bad experience, everything is welcomed!



Love, Megan Anne
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