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Flash Back Friday!

SHonestly, I can never remember if it’s throwback Thursday or flashback Friday, but here we are to do flashback Friday and take a trip down memory lane! Basically y’all about to see some photos from, mainly, high school and maybe middle school? I’m not sure exactly what happened to all my photos from middle school but they have seriously just disappeared. But, I’m trying to find them, so we maybe seeing them? Okay, here we go….

Age: 15 years old

So, some were along the lines, a lot of my photos from freshmen year and before got lost in the long whirlwind that was Myspace and Photobucket. I just tried to get onto my Photobucket and I couldn’t so… sadly, these are the photos I have from freshmen year of myself. Not too bad, but oh just wait. I didn’t really know what makeup was quite yet, so….. it gets so much better.

Age: 16 years old

Well, okay so those two photos are the same day. But I had to share those. God, do y’all see the eyeliner? What the heck was I thinking! This was the year that the whole “mustache” thing was in, even though most high school boys don’t have them yet. I had a driver’s licenses, and so a car to go along wth it. I wanted to be “hot” but never could quite figure that out.

Age: 17 years old

Oh, and what a great year my 17th year was! Just kidding, honestly, it wasn’t the worst, I feel like I finally found my style to some extent but I will say that I still experimented with different styles. Homecoming, dates, parties, senior photos, all of it happened in my 17th year and honestly, I look back at these photos and I’m like “aw, I’m so little!” But I can remember being 17 and thinking that I was grown. But, obviously, I wasn’t!

So, this was a thing…. I still can’t believe that I’m turning 23 in just 3 weeks. When I think back to being 15, 16, or even 17, my mind is so blown! There is so much that I no longer remember, names, people, places, subject, but I won’t forget the best times I had with my friends and family!

Maybe I’ll do this again? Honestly, there aren’t many other photos, and most have my friends in them, so I’ll see!

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