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8 Recipes To Try When Celebrating A Birthday!

**These aren’t my recipies or photos**

So, It’s your birthday? Well guess what, mine is coming up pretty soon as well! Well, I decieded that I wanted to find some fun recipies to try out, and well… I found a few! So there are drinks and desersts. Wellllll let’s get going:


  1. Birthday Cake Martini Recipe
  2. Birthday Cake Mimosas
  3. Birthday Cake Shots


  1. Cake Batter Puppy Chow
  2. Birthday Cake Popcorn

Different Types Of Cakes:

  1. Cake Batter Birthday Waffles 
  2. Funfetti Sugar Cookie Cake

Soooo I’m making these donuts because they look amazing!

If I had a waffle iron I’d probably make those too!

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