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March 2017 – Updates, Round-Up, Goals #Celebrate23

W0w, another month has come and gone and I’m honestly so shocked that it’s already April! And shout out to the fact that I’m turning 23 at the end of this month like you didn’t already know seeing as I’m doing a blog post every single day and videos every other day! Oh, did you not know, well you’re in for a treat! #Celebrate23 is defiantly happening and it going to be happening every day for the next 30 days!

In the past few of these I’ve written my fitness and weight/diet updates, but honestly, this month hasn’t changed anything! I need to step up but I know that I also need to get used to what I’m doing before I step up again. So I’m probably going to be taking this month as well to just adjust and really let my body get accustomed to what I am doing. I will say that I see little changes here and there, but nothing major.

Social Media Updates

  • Goals for 2017:
    • Instagram – 1k by 2018, so 38 – 40 followers per month
    • Twitter – 1.5k by 2018, so 48 – 50 followers per month
  • Start, January, February numbers:
    • Instagram – 542 followers (Start) – 528 followers (Jan) – 647 followers (Mar)
    • Twitter – 914 followers (Start) – 996 followers (Jan) – 1,051 (Mar)
  • What I currently have:
    • Instagram – 789 followers (3/31/2017)
    • Twitter – 1,158 followers (3/31/2017)
  • So, Instagram went up 142 followers this month! I’m honestly so shocked when I realize this because my goal was only 40 a month, so to have had two months now where I’ve grown over 100+ people is pretty cool! I will say that with the larger my social media’s grow, the more bot accounts that I’m seeing pop up. So, that’s kind of sucky, also the fact that people will follow you and then unfollow you in an hour. That’s really annoying when it comes to Instagram.
  • Twitter also grew over 100 followers over the past month! Not by much, but regardless it’s still so amazing! I’m constantly connecting with other bloggers, talking and seeing how they do things, and I love it! I won’t go too much into all this because I think it speaks for its self, but I find the fact that my social media’s are growing amazing!

Goals for April 2017:

  • I just want to survive this month and what it has in store for me. I want to see more growth and more importantly interact with y’all more often! This month, I just want it to be amazing! 

Round Up:

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What are your goals this month? Leave a comment below, I’d love to know!

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