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Start Loving Yourself #MondayTalks

Everyone goes through a period of time where they do not love themselves. Whether it’s their body or social settings, etc. Loving yourself is important in so many ways because obviously, our outwards self is very dependent on the inside of ourselves. I will say that I’ve seen this enough times, where the person doesn’t love who they are and after awhile there outwards appearance, attitude, and mental state start to show it. These are things that really matter, and loving yourself really starts on the inside.

So, let’s talk about loving yourself and what loving yourself really is. Loving yourself is, knowing when to say enough is enough. It’s looking in the mirror and believes that you are enough, that you are worth it, that you can make it through all of this. Practicing self-love is hard as heck and sometimes impossible.

So, where do you start? Well. You start by telling yourself that you are enough. Everyone is different, everyone. Everyone starts are different points and let’s just say that there is no real schedule of how long this will take or where you will start. But there are few things that I believe are very important on the road to loving yourself, really loving yourself.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

I know that it’s easy to tell yourself that you aren’t like someone else, that you aren’t like the “Instagram girls”, but that isn’t okay. 9/10 those girls are fake or done up to the most. Start being real with yourself, start by trying to be okay with who you are. And even though this isn’t the right thing to necessarily say out loud, if you don’t like what you see, change it. Start a new diet, get some workout ins. Do whatever it is you want to do, to make you feel better.

Take care of your body.

Loving yourself starts within your own body. If you aren’t treating your body like a temple, then what you’re going to be putting out, won’t be that great. Start by eating better, washing your hair more, doing a cleanse, anything or everything. Make your body your home, your comfort zone, your temple. Make it something that you are proud of, something you want to show off.

End the negativity. 

This probably should have been the very first one because it’s probably the most important one on this list. End all forms of negativity, stop hanging out with people who don’t make you feel well. I can’t tell y’all how many people I had to stop hanging out with because they were not making me feel like I was enough. Stop doing things that no longer make you feel happy. Stop letting anyone dictate what is okay and what is not when it comes to your personal body.

There is always going to be something that you don’t like, something that you want to change, but when it comes to loving yourself, you should be able to do whatever you like. Loving yourself is important, it is key to being healthy and happy.


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6 thoughts on “Start Loving Yourself #MondayTalks”

  1. Love this insightful positive post. The number one enemy I feel is comparison. The comparison game is never endinggg! I still compare, I think it’s almost human nature to compare once in a while.. but as long as you realize your worth and are doing all you can to take care of YOU, that’s what matters!

    1. Defiantly! I’m no stranger to comparing myself to others, but you are correct that as long as you realize that you’re worth it, then it’s okay and maybe even a little healthy.

    1. Oh most defiantly! I try to go most of the day eating really well, but usually around dinner time I’m cracking out the more junky foods!

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