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24 Before 24 | Happy Birthday To Me!

So, it’s my birthday and what a better way to celebrate my birthday then writing a blog post about the 24 things I want to do before I turn 24. I wish I could tell y’all where I originally saw this but for the life of me, I can not remember. Basically, this is a list of 24 things that I want to do before I turn 24! These aren’t necessarily serious things but things that are kind of fun, blog related, youtube related, life-related!

  1. Stay up for 48 hours straight & longer if I can!
  2. Go a week eating completely vegan!
  3. Go to a clear ocean beach!
  4. Stay in a resort up in the mountains
  5. Take a long road trip
  6. Try mushrooms
  7. Go a week without coffee (Update #1: A Day Without Coffee)
  8. Take a crazy and out their vacations, something I would never do!
  9. Wear heels for a day
  10.  Get a tattoo
  11. Take some sort of self-defense class
  12. Create a family tree
  13. Go on cruise / overcome a fear
  14. Learn how to shoot a gun
  15. Have my palm or future read
  16. Try a new makeup look
  17. Go to a winery
  18. Be a tourist in Dallas
  19. 24 hours of no technology
  20. Learn to say hello in 10 different languages
  21. Volunteer for a charity
  22. Read some or all the Harry Potter books
  23. Travel outside of the US
  24. Reach 500 subscribers on Youtube!

This is such a simple idea, but this is seriously a list of things I plan on doing over the next year! Over the next year, more than likely, I will be updating y’all on what I have completed!

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Love, Megan Anne

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5 thoughts on “24 Before 24 | Happy Birthday To Me!”

  1. These bucket lists are always fun! I think going without coffee for a week is too crazy for me though, lol!

    1. Oh my gosh, I love bucket list, just for the simple fact to force yourself to try something new.

  2. So fun! I did a 25before25 last year and it was one of my favorite things to-date. Something about having a to-do list and a deadline is motivating 🙂 Love yours!

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