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Why I Choose To Stress Myself Out

Let me start by giving y’all a few facts:

  • I’ve been blogging for over a year now.
  • I’ve been uploading videos to youtube for four months now.
  • I’ve been daily posting on Twitter and Instagram for over a year now.

So why do I do all these things? I spend so much of my time on social media and a lot of my friends think or believe that I do it for vain reasons. But that’s so far from the truth, honestly. I don’t do any of this because I want attention or because I want fame. I spend hours on end writing, editing, posting, scheduling, and for what? I don’t get paid to do this. I have a day job that pays the bills.

I’ve now taken on two challenges, the first one was back in December when I decided to do Blogmas, and I successfully completed it! And currently, I am challenging myself again!

This past month, April 2017, I have been challenging myself to daily upload on the blog and upload every other day over on my youtube channel!

These are not easily things to do and that’s what I think people misunderstand about all of what it is bloggers / YouTubers (no I’m not calling myself a youtube, but I defiantly know the workload!) go through, just to put out good quality content.

So, Megan, if you don’t get paid to do this, you’re incredibly stressed about it, why do you keep doing it and then challenging yourself?

Because I need the challenge to grow. 

This month is mainly for me to really test the waters on what it is that I like to upload. Over on my youtube channel, I’m trying out tons of different things. And here on the blog, I’m working on really perfecting my skills and working on my marketing strategies.

So, why did I start blogging?

  1. Because I needed a creative outlet.
    For a long time, I felt like I didn’t have a real way to express myself and that lead to a lot of tension in my person life. It leads to me wanting to drink a lot. It leads to me doing things I wouldn’t normally do (not good things) to make myself feel accomplished. It was an incredibly dark and strange place, one that I hope to never return to.
  2. It helped with my anxiety.
    I know a lot of people would say that having this kind of commitment would cause them more anxiety but honestly blogging, having deadlines, having a goal, plans, etc., really helped with the anxiety that I had started to feel.
  3. I was bored.
    Not like I was bored with what I was doing, but I was bored with my life. I was at a point where I really felt as if I wasn’t going anywhere and that really sucks. I felt stuck and like I wasn’t ever going to get out of that. I stumbled, quite literally, across blogging and I took a giant leap. I will say that I did everything backward compared to what all the articles say to do when starting a blog. While I wouldn’t recommend doing what I did, I also would recommend that you do it the way that works best for you.

So once I started blogging, it really came to my attention just how much I loved all things social media. So that then bloomed my idea to grow my social media platforms and that’s what I’ve successfully been doing over the past year.

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Love, Megan Anne

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  • You sound just like me! I’ve blogged daily for almost 2 months now (since setting up my blog) and it is SO stressful! I could easily blog less but I’ve just put so much pressure on myself that I don’t want to give up on it now! But of course I do love it too (most of the time!)

    Lauren | http://www.thelifeofastudentblogger.blog

    • Oh my gosh, I couldn’t imagine trying to daily blog more then a month at a time. But you go girl! If you love it, then it’s easier to do it!

  • I do the same! I like to put myself in stressful situations as a sort of challenge to myself. When people tell me they don’t think I can do something, it drives me even more. I think it’s important to push ourselves. How else will we know what are limits are and expand those barriers? Great post!

    Ashlynn | http://thecrimsoncardigan.com

    • Yes! Trying to get past barriers is always my favorite, as weird as that sounds. I’m constantly trying to do this!

  • well done you, that is so amazing! I’ve just moved to blogging three times a week instead of two as I felt like I needed more of a challenge and I am absolutely loving it, I feel so much more inspired! This is such a great post! Xx

    Kirsty | The Monday Project | themondayproject.co.uk

    • Thanks! I actually was blogging three times a week about six months ago but because I started doing youtube, I decided to start blogging only twice a month.

  • Emma’s Off Again

    So motivating! Great idea, I think I need to do that same as don’t feel like i’m achieveing much at the moment. You’re right, its a challenge. I’m definietly up for trying it x

    • When I started blogging I almost gave up because I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere but then I realized it was because I wasn’t really trying. That’s when I started really challenging myself to do new things! It’s amazing what a challenge will really do!

  • Rebecca Gibbs

    I loved this! Especially when you spoke about blogging helping your anxiety because i can heavily relate – stress is sometimes great especially when you need to get stuff done!

    Rebecca xx | Rxbxcca.blogspot.com

    • So many people say they don’t understand how it could possibly help but I could swear by it helping me!

  • Diana

    I hear myself while reading this post. I can completely relate and I enjoy reading your posts so please don’t stop lol. I’m feeling a lot more inspired lately write and network some more!!

    Much Love

    • I’m really glad that you can relate & that you’re feeling more inspired! Sometimes ruts happen, but once you get out, you can seriously move mountains!

  • I do challenge myself but the situations are not the most stressful ones. Like when I left France to live in NZ while I spoke no word of English, that was stressful. But coz it was my first time. But then, you just get used to it. And I think it is the same with blogging. xx Corinne

    • That’s such an amazing challenge and honestly that would have been so stressful! But I’m glad that you got through it!

  • EmmZeeBee

    I love this post so much! When I talk about blogging to my family and friends they don’t get why I do it! I do it pretty much for the same reasons as you! :D. Before I started blogging, I used to internet shop a lot…i’m too busy blogging now to shop! I will check out your youtube channel now :). I have come from http://www.emmzeebee.blog

    • I’ve had this experience with my family as well! thanks, I’ll check out your blog! 🙂

  • Claire

    I love this! I would love to do a daily blogging challenge but I’m so worried I’d have no time. I’m looking forward to reading your posts!
    Claire xo

    • It takes a lot, I can say! I plan and plan and plan more. A lot of people do it and just take the time daily to do it, but I find that I actually need to plan out what I’m doing.