SURPRISE! #Celebrate23

So….. hi! I don’t think I’ve ever done a post on Saturday, okay I guess I did when I did Blogmas, but other than that, I’ve always done a post during the week! But, hi. So you may be thinking, “Megan what the heck are doing?” Wellllllllll, I’ve got a little secret! So for the past month, I have been planning, writing and editing, and guess what, I’m doing a whole month of blog post!

Funny that I decided to do this right after I finally announced that I would be transitioning into an advice blog, but that’ll be after this month! So, this post is to tell y’all that I will be uploading blog post every single day for the next 30 days and also that there will be a new video on my youtube channel about every other day. So starting tomorrow (April 2, 2017) there will be a new video up, hopefully, & probably, on the even numbered days, so every other day!

So, why am I doing this? Well, this month I turn 23! Okay, I know that it probably sounds crazy and dumb, but hey! It’s going to be a fun month full of tons of different things and also tons of Birthday related things!

Over the course of this next month, I will be using the hashtag #Celebrate23 and if you’d like to celebrate with me, use the hashtag!

Anywho, this is just a hello post and a this is what’s going to be happening post! I hope that y’all are ready for this month of fun and crazy (okay probably not actually crazy) times!

Love Megan Anne

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