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4 Different Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Gifts | Blogmas Day 1

Well, I wanted to do something fun this year, even though I totally missed the train of doing 25 days of Blogmas, and then 12 days of Blogmas, so instead I’m going to be doing 7 days of Blogmas! YAY! Now, if you’ve been following me along on youtube then you know I’ve been doing vlogmas, which I’m actually planning on doing until the end of the year.  So with each post in this year’s 7 days of Blogmas, I am going to a have a video that is very similar to the post written!

Okay, enough intro, now on to what you are actually here for, the wrapping of Christmas presents! Here are some different ways to wrap presents & also a few tips on how to wrap gifts fast!

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  1. Do up your bows & use a simple wrapping paper. 
    • I know that using the super cute wrapping paper is so tempting (as I look at mine) but a lot of times bows don’t look good because they clash in some way (again, while I look at mine). So if you want to make your presents really stand out (at least with a bow) go ahead and make yourself some fancy bows! But still to a simple wrapping paper. Whether it’s a white wrapping & a giant red bow, just make it loud and proud!
      3 Fancy AF Ways To Turn A Gift Bow Into The Real Gift (BuzzFeed)
  2. Use your old atlas (maps). 
    • How many of you know what an atlas is? Okay, now how many of y’all have ever actually taken a road trip and used the atlas. Yeah, that’s right, almost none of us. My mom, however, loves hers and I just can’t figure it out. I know that maybe it would be important to learn but honestly, I just can’t find a good reason to learn how. But these can be really cute wrapping paper! Now, obviously, you probably can’t wrap huge gifts this way, but you could do smaller ones.
      Adventure Awaits

  3. Add something from nature to your bow.
    • Add a leave, a shell, something small and dainty that can really make your gift seem more personalized. The idea behind this is that you obviously would have to actually take the time to think of each person and what would be good for the gift. It also gives you a great excuse to get outside and take a walk, which is always important.
      Festive Wrapping Inspiration
  4. If all else fails, use a chocolate tin or even a popcorn tin.
    • It’s very common to see these this time of year, and if you happened to have waited till December 24th to start wrapping, then you may not have much luck finding good wrapping paper, gifts bags, or even tissue. So instead of getting hung up on that, go grab some popcorn tins or chocolate tins and use that as your wrapping (obviously don’t leave the popcorn/chocolate inside, well unless you want to give them that, then leave it). A good idea as far as “tissue” goes would be some newspaper. Sounds crazy, but imagine handing someone a popcorn tin and inside there is newspapers and it feels so old-timey and cute. Maybe it’s just me, but I would love that!

Those are just a few ideas for wrapping gifts, there are links to examples for each of the ones above and then down below are going to be a few more links for some other ideas that can be really fun as well!

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What way are you going to try this year?

I defiantly want to do the tin next year, because that honestly seems like it would so cute.

Also,  so simple & less time-consuming.

Love, Megan Anne

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