Blogmas 2016


Yes, it is finally that time of year, and this is finally my official announcement that I will be doing BLOGMAS! Yes, 25 days of post, and 25 days of new content all related to Christmas! So Let me answer so questions y’all may (or may not) being having!

Gearing up!

So what do I mean by that? Well I’ve been writing different post since about the middle of November, and obviously, not everything is written but a lot is. In my personal life, I haven’t even started shopping yet BUT I do kind of know what I’m planning on getting everyone this year so it’s just going out and buying the things.

Am I ready?

No. That sounds bad because I decided to do this at the beginning of November, but honestly no I’m so far from ready. But I don’t think I’ll even be able to be fully ready. Ever, it’s just going to happen.

What exactly is Blogmas?

SO BLOGMAS. Okay for all y’all that are or aren’t bloggers here is what blogmas is (from what I’ve found): It’s 25 days worth of content. So For the next 25 days, you will see a new post every single day. There will be gift guides, and stories and even some follow me around’s, some DIY’s just a little bit of everything is planned! So from December 1st – December 25th you will see a brand new post every single day!

What can I do to get notified of every post?

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Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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  • Can’t believe it’s all ready time! I’m going to attempt to participate but probably manage a post a week if I’m lucky. Can’t wait to read what you have! (:

    Single Vegas Girl

    • Megan Anne

      Thanks hun! Give it a try! I’ll be reading for sure! :))