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Five Tips On How To Help Your Blog Stand Out Against Others

Blogging has exploded in the last few years, and many of us are dabbling with the craft. Whether it’s to boost business, to share knowledge or to earn extra income- there’s no doubt that it’s a fantastic hobby to have. However, blogs have evolved over the years, and these days even those who just write for fun, look incredible. There’s room in the blogging world for everyone of course, but if you want to stand out from the crowd (especially if you want to attract sponsors and make income) here are five things you could try.


Use Incredible Images

Your words are what will keep your reader and really engage them, but it’s beautiful imagery that will grab their attention and draw them in. You could invest in a good DSLR camera and brush up on your photography skills. Alternatively, you could use stock images online. You will have to pay for these, but it’s a great way to get quality pictures to make your words come to life. Find a site that has a wide range of images, and you will always have the perfect accompaniment to whatever you’re writing about.

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Come Up With Catchy Titles

You can create catchy titles by asking a question, using alliteration or coming up with clever puns. You don’t want to go full clickbait-style, but you want to grab the reader’s attention and make them intrigued as to what the post is about. This will lead to more clicks, more views, and over time more followers, a higher domain authority due to people linking to your content. Great content is key,  but getting people to read it in the first place can be a struggle. This is why your titles need to be fantastic.

Work With The Professionals

If you want to give off a professional image, you should get some professionals on board. Have a design company create you a beautiful custom template to help you stand out from the crowd. An illustrator or graphic designer will be able to create you stunning graphics and a header to use on it. You could work with a digital marketing agency who will be able to promote your site, and boost things like your domain authority. There’s lots of help out there, investing in some professional know- how could boost your site massively in the long run.

Grammar Check Your Posts

You might be an experienced and able writer, but chances are you have a couple of bad habits (or things just get missed) when it comes to grammar. These might be very obvious to a reader, and so grammar checking your posts with a proper editor before pressing the publish button is a good idea. It will let you know if you’ve repeated words, suggestions for better words or if anything is incorrect.

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Develop Your Own ‘Voice.’

People tend to follow blogs because they’re personal, and they like the person writing them. Write your blog as if you’re speaking to a friend, and people will relate to that. Use your own mannerisms, don’t be afraid to throw a bit of humor and wit in there if this is the kind of person you are. Developing your own voice is what helps you to stand out from the crowd from the million other blogs out there and what will gain you a loyal following.

What is one way you make your blog stand out from the others?

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