Blogging & Coffee

Blogging & Coffee is a Facebook group, Pinterest group board and a Twitter account made to help promote content from other content creators.

Twitter – @bloggerncoffee

Pinterest – Blogging & Coffee (Group Board)

Facebook Group – Blogging & Coffee

This Group is my new adventure to bring together bloggers and to also help each other grow and reach new goals!

In the Facebook group, you can expect a few things:

  • Daily share threads.

    • Pinterest Repins

    • Twitter RT & like

    • Facebook Post like

    • Instagram photo like

    • Blog post shares

    • Social Shares

  • Follow threads:

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

    • Instagram

    • Youtube Sub

    • Pinterest

    • Bloglovin’

If you want to come join us over there, go a head and click anywhere!

If you want to come join the Pinterest group, go a head and send me an email to with your username & email associated with your Pinterest account.

With the Twitter account, that is for promoting your stuff on twitter. It is a basic RT account & one day I’m hoping to start a chat with it, yes. To get a RT, just tag @bloggerncoffee