Being 21 – Expectation / Reality

If you’ve recently turned 21, you are going threw the expectations of being 21. Reality, being 21 is kind of like being 20, but you can get drunk in public now.
(What no, I didn’t get drunk before I was 21!)
Then, there are the people who are waiting to turn 21, anticipating the day that you can go into a liquor store and actually touch alcohol. Reality, it’s fun at first, I still get a little nervous! But anyways, here are a few expectation and reality of being 21 –

  1. Expectation: You’ll go out to bars.
    Reality: Bars actually terrify you at first.
  2. Expectation: You’ll know how to make great drinks!
    Reality: No, it’s a lot of trail and error. Oh, and a lot of orange juice and liquor. A LOT.
  3. Expectation: You’ll go out every weekend, and get drunk all the time.
    Reality: That happens for about the first couple months, and then it’s really old.
  4. Expectation: You’ll go to liquor store and buy whatever your heart desires.
    Reality: Liquor is expensive. Very very very expensive. Beer is kind of cheap (cheaper!).
  5. Expectation: You’ll feel cool being ID’d.
    Reality: It’s kind of awkward, and weird. Especially if you haven’t taken the time to get your “over 21” ID!

Comment down below if your are currently experiencing these things and also if you’ve never experienced these things. Are you the lucky one that didn’t go through the awkward first year (maybe more)?

Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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