April 2017 – Updates, Round-ups & Goals

Hi everyone, can y’all believe that it’s May already? Yeah, me either. I feel like I’m going to say this every month because I honestly can never fathom how fast time is going. Anyways, so this past month I attempted blog post every single day and videos every other day, unfortunately, I did miss a few days due to some personal events. Also, I did miss a few videos on youtube. But for the most part, I did pretty well!

Social Media Updates:

  • Goals for 2017:
    • Instagram – 1k by 2018, so 38 – 40 followers per month
    • Twitter – 1.5k by 2018, so 48 – 50 followers per month
  • Start, January, February numbers:
    • Instagram – 542 followers (Start) – 528 (Jan) – 647 (Feb) – 789 (Mar)
    • Twitter – 914 followers (Start) – 996 (Jan) – 1,051 (Feb) – 1,158 (Mar)
    • What I currently have:
      • Instagram – 1,227 followers (4/30/2017)
      • Twitter – 1,434 followers (4/30/2017)
  • Wow. Let’s start with Instagram, I meet my yearly goal! Okay, I’m not even sure what exactly happened this past month but both my twitter and Instagram exploded! My Instagram gained over 400 followers, 438 to be exact! I can’t even believe. It was like over night I just kept getting more and more followers and while no, I don’t necessary care about the numbers, but it’s amazing to see the growth!
  • Twitter exploded. Not as much as Instagram, but it defiantly gained some traction! I gained, over 200 followers, 276 to be exact, so almost 300 new peeps! This month has been absolutely amazing in the factor of growth! I’ve made tons of new connections and soon y’all will be seeing these new connections and yeah! I’m super excited for what the future holds!
  • So, let’s talk about Youtube. As many of you know, I do upload videos on Youtube. At the beginning of the year I did not upload videos to Youtube, so I didn’t include this in the original post, but I was too, so here it goes:
    • Youtube – 500 subs by 2018
    • Youtube – 98 sub (start 4/30/17)

Goals for May 2017:

  • Get back into working out. Over the past month, I’ve been seriously slacking. Not in a sense that I didn’t workout at all, more of that I skipped more days than I should have. I defiantly want to get back into walking the trail again, but that is something I love. I just really need to get back to that place in my life.
  • I want to start meditating again. Sounds kooky, I know, but I used to do it every day and honestly I always felt so zen.
  • Get my diet back on track Especially here towards the end of April, I have been eating so badly, it’s not even okay. So my hope and plan are that over this next month I can get back to eating a healthy, simple, and start feeling good again. Yes, I’m still Vegetarian, I just eat a lot of junk Vegetarian food.
  • Do a Q&A, which is something I need yall’s help with, leave a comment down below with any question you have for me, about anything. Vegetarianism, dating, blogging, youtube, etc. Thanks!

Round Up:

  • Blog Posts:

  • Youtube Videos:

 So, there’s my April update!

It’s pretty simple and honestly, I can’t believe that we are already in May!

Love, Megan Anne

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