2018 Mood Board

I’ve seen mood boards, goal boards, and dream boards for years now. However, I’ve never actually spent the time to make one. So I wanted to make one for the year of 2018 and just have photos that I want to live by over the next year. You can do this anywhere, you can do this on a wall or a blank page in a journal. Mood boards are something that can be completely different and unique to each person and that is why I love the idea of making one. Because I live in a smaller apartment, I don’t really have a place that I could put this on so I decided that I want to go ahead and make one online!

So let’s talk about what my mood board is supposed to mean, what it is saying and what I want to do and live by over the next year.

So over the next year, I want to travel more. Whether that is just going for a short road trip or planning a longer trip. I’ve been really wanting to fly on a plane, seeing as I haven’t and thankfully my boyfriend may be able to make this happen this year! Something I want to do that I’m not sure will happen but I want to happen is that I want to get a passport and travel outside of the US.

Another thing that I’m challenging myself to do this year is that I want to do at least one thing that I’ve never done before, each month. I want to try out so many new things and honestly, my whole mood board really expresses that.

Over the next year I want to start really focusing on my diet, as many of you know I’m a vegetarian and while yes, that’s a diet in a sense, I don’t really focus on my diet. This year I want to really start learning how to not eat as many carbs and feel full. I want to figure out how to actually eat meat alternatives or learn how to cook them, to begin with. With that, I also want to work on my workout schedule. Last year I started the year out really well and then I just, stopped. I’m not going to say that I want to lose x amount of weight or workout x amount of times but I would love to get back in shape and I would love to use that to better my mental health.

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I’ll be updating it throughout the year!

So, that’s my mood board for 2018!

Do you like mood boards?

Do you find them helpful or annoying?

Let me know!

Love, Megan Anne

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  • Sara Montague Miller

    I love looking at moodboards! I find them beautiful and inspiring, but the idea of making my own feels overwhelming for some reason. I might be a little perfectionstic. 😉

  • Yissel Rosalez

    Wow, i actually want to make a mood board now lol

  • Lottie Moor

    I love moodboards! I think they are so personal and offer a look into someone’s life that you wouldn’t usually get! Yours looks lovely and calm. So pretty! Lottie x

  • Heather Hall

    I create a vision board every year and get excited when I check things off, and motivated to complete the other things (when I can). I like calling it a mood board! This year I’m focusing on words to fill my days and intentions – Joy, Love, Laughter. Enjoy your year – looks like you have awesome moods planned. 😉

  • Kate

    I love your mood board. It’s very inspiring!

  • I love moodboards! It’s cool that you’ve created one on Pinterest, too. Then it can continue to evolve over your year.