2017 New Years Goals – Personal, Blog & Youtube

I’m back! My week hiatus is finally over and honestly I am so happy to be back for my first post in 2017!

So, it is 2017 and over the past week I have made some real goals for myself and for my blog. This next year I really want to start focusing on making my name known, or a brand of sorts. Which is kind of hard because at the moment I don’t really have a brand, I’m just a blogger but I really want to start working on changing that!

All Around, Break Down Personal Goals For 2017 –


  • One thing I really want to get back to this year is working out Monday – Friday. I know that that may seem a little ambition but back in August and September, I was really good about getting a workout in every morning during the week. I had started seeing really great results but of course I kind of got away from it. So I would really love to get back to that.


  • I’ve made a decision that I will not be weighing myself for six months. So my starting weight is 238, and I will not being weight myself until June 1, 2017. Instead, I am going to be basing my weight loss on my clothing size. So over the next year I would like to do a few things:
    1. I want to drop 10 pant sizes, so right now I am at a 20 in pants (which are already starting to be big on me), and by this time next year I would like to be at a 10, now that’s a little ambitious seeing as I’ve stayed in the same pant size since I was like 220 almost four years ago.
    2. Along with pant sizing, I want to also go down in shirts. So typically I wear an XXL or 1XL, I would really like to get down to an M.
  • That’s that, I have goals that are probably outlandish but I would really love to achieve them.


  • I’ve never been one to really like to follow a strict diet. You know what I mean? Like those diets were you eat this for breakfast, this for lunch, blah blah blah blah. Well, I never can do that because I hate that restriction. But I will say that I would love to start eating more at home, and also healthier foods. This is something that I will be touching on a little bit later in this post, but I defiantly want to start cooking more foods that I can make big batches of and then have for lunch.
  • I would also like to stop eating fast food, or even eating out in general, during the week. The reason I won’t say all together is because the reality is if a friend wants to go eat or I’m craving something, then I don’t think I should not allow myself to have it. I do want to keep it to only on Saturdays or Sunday and try my best to not eat out both days.
  • I want to start reducing the amount of caffeine I am drinking on a daily basis. Now, before y’all freakout, I’m not going to stop drinking coffee because coffee is basically my life source but over the past few months, I have really grown accustomed to drinking a ton of coffee throughout the day and no water. I used to be pretty good about only drinking a cup (or two) before I went into work and then none for the rest of the day. I’m really going to get back into the habit of not drinking coffee about 10 am (unless I’m like literally dying) and water or juice for the rest of the day.

General Personal Goals:

  • Stop biting my nails altogether. This is something that I’ve been trying to accomplish for so long but I still have a bad habit of doing it when I get stressed out or worried about something. Or even when I’m mad, I have the tendency to just go to town and bit my nails off. Currently, they are finally starting to grow, and even though it’s slow I would love to make this year the year I officially stopped biting them.
  • I want to try and be late less. Now, work I’m always on time but I’m usually getting there right under the time limit and I used to not be that way. So I defiantly want to start being early by at least five minutes (because we can’t be much earlier than that without getting in trouble). But on the note of being late, this is usually something that happens with plans that I make with friends or family, I tend to say “lets me at 5 pm” and I won’t get there till 5:15 pm – 5:20 pm and that is something I want to change.This is all about scheduling and really allowing myself to have the proper time to get ready. I hate that I’m known for being late or behind. So, that’s defiantly something I’m going to be working on this New Year.
  • I want to start minimizing the amount of “stuff” I have. Recently I’ve been watching a ton of YouTubers who are big on minimalism and also a bunch of other bloggers are really taking on this journey or just really interested in the idea of minimalism. There are a ton of different meaning for minimalism and everyone really goes about this journey in different ways, so much that I honestly could do an entire post on this subject. But here are two recently post that really resonated with me: Embarking on my Minimalist Journey by Alyssa on The Wise Willow && The Gift Of (Minimized) Minimalism by Alexa over on Life, Shuffled.
  • I want to get back to a good routine. For the longest time, I would sleep until I had to get up to get ready for work and then stay up super later. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t run at nights basically. So I really would like to get back to being in bed by 11 or 11:30 pm and being up by 7:30 am again. This defiantly goes hand in hand with my fitness goals, this is pretty hard for me because I’m such a night owl but it is something that defiantly needs to happen. Plus I always feel so much better.
  • Overall this year I really want to start pushing myself to go outside the box and try new things. I have so much fun stuff planned and a lot of it is so different then what I have been doing. I know I’m going to have to push myself to do these things but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Okay, now that all that personal stuff is done, let’s get to the meat of this. My Blog.

Blogging Goals for 2017 –

  • I want to develop a brand. Now, okay. I don’t have anything to sell y’all and it’s not as if I have an ebook or am in the works quite yet but I want to get to that place. So if you didn’t know, my passion is coffee. I love everything about coffee. From the bean to the roast to the way is packaged and sold to taste. I love everything about this industry. I want to try and start doing more coffee related things on my blog and really develop this love.
  • I want to create an email/news letter thing (I touched a little bit on that here). Basically sometimes in the near future I want to develope an email that would be sent to y’all once a week that would cover what I’ve put out over the week, maybe other posts that I’m really loving and maybe some deals that I may have found along the way. I’m not too sure on what exactly I want this to be but I would love to do this. It’s an amazing way to really connect with a reader, personally, I love emails like these because if I missed something it’s a great way to catch up.
  • I will only be posting 2 times a week because I want to start filming videos for youtube! Okay, long story short, this was actually going to be my first video but I got a really bad cold over the weekend (of course I procrastinated) and I can’t really talk or breath currently. So hopefully by the next week I will be back to my normal healthy state and be able to film a video. I’ll talk more about this later in the post.
  • I will be posting a blog post on Monday and Friday, and the video I put out may correspond with the blog post I put out. I want to really do that because I know I love when I can watch a video but then I can also read the instructions. Sometimes things don’t come across the same way and so then you end up with confusion and craziness and yeah.
  • I want to start writing more informative pieces like: what I learned in my first of blogging, things I wish I would’ve known in the beginning, Grammarly my bff, etc, and those will be coming a lot more often shortly because they are now something I think I can write confidently.

Social Media Goals For 2017 –

These are going to be straight to the point, and basically a yearly overview. I do want to start doing monthly recaps of how I did with these, and everything else as well.

  • Instagram: To be at or around 1K by 2018, currently I am at 542 followers (1/2/16 5:08 pm) so that would mean 38 – 40 followers a month. If you’ve ever paid attention to Instagram followers you’ll know that it is incredibly hard to keep followers because there are so many bot and fake accounts. But I will say that I have retained quite a few over the past six months.
  • Twitter: To be at or around 15k by 2018, currently I am at 914 followers (1/2/16 5:12 pm) so that would mean 48 – 50 followers a month. That’s really ambitious, like really really ambitious. But I would love to see that growth on my twitter account.

Youtube –

Okay, so it’s kind of weird to talk about youtube because I haven’t really started youtube but I’m going to be here soon once I get to feeling better and can actually talk! So what’s to come?

  • Recipes / Cooking videos
  • Sit down, chit – chats
  • Vlogs
  • DIYS

With youtube, the plan is to upload at least once a week and I want to strive for it to be on Wednesdays. That way my schedule would be: Monday – blog post, Wednesday – video, Friday – blog post.

Well, that’s it for my 2017 Goals! I will be going into my detail every single month with a whole post dedicated to talking about how my goals are going, what may have changed, etc. This week will be a tiny bit off because there will not be a video put up but hopefully starting next week, I will be up and running!

What are your New Year Goals? I’d loved to hear a few from y’all!

Love, Megan Anne
<3 <3 <3

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